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Published on : 23/06/2022

Cami & Bady: male dog to adopt

  • Cami & Bady
    • Breed(s): Dachshund
    • Age: 3 Years
    • Gender: Male
    • Size: Small
    • Shelter's location:
      Teluma's Dream - London
    • Neutered: yes
    • Microchipped: yes
    • Dewormed: yes
    • Vaccinated: yes

    *Cami and Bady are currently in Spain, but can travel to their new home in England or Wales. They are fully bonded and must be adopted together*

    Cami and Bady are 3 year old male Daschunds. They are currently in a pound in Northern Spain. As you can see, these poor boys are very frightened and we have no idea what their past experiences have been… we don’t know if they were abandoned by a hunter, but what we do know is that these boys now need a caring and understanding home to help them learn they can enjoy life and feel safe.

    They are extremely nervous around people, and can feel easily overwhelmed by new people approaching them. This will only get better with patience, time and gentle affection, and this is something that just isn’t possible in a pound environment.

    As they depend on each other so much, they are looking for a joint adoption, ideally with those who have experience of this breed or similar. Their criteria for adoption is fairly specific, as we can see they will need a lot of time and experienced training to help them adjust. Please only apply if you are a dog experienced home, ideally with fearful adult dogs who have come through rescue, and you are not a full time worker.

    A fully fenced garden, in a rural area is a must, as these two lovely boys may be very frightened by the noise and people of a city. No cats or small furries, and given we know nothing of their past experiences, we are looking for adult only homes, or those with teenage children experienced around nervous dogs.

    Cami and Bady have been seen with other dogs, and they were fine with them in a pound environment, but due to the energy and time they will require, they should be the only dogs in the home, or could share with a stable and calm resident dog. As they are currently in the pound, we have not had the opportunity to see these boys outside this environment.

    We do not know whether they will be housetrained, know how to walk on a lead, travel in a car, be left home alone, understand the manners of a home, or be used to any of the noises that come in a home environment. Please consider carefully that with such an unknown history, they may need complete training in all aspects of home life, and given how scared they are, this could take many, many months.

    They are afraid and shut down, and will first need to decompress, gain confidence, and understand that there is a kind and loving side to humans, before any other training can begin. This takes a huge commitment, and they really need to be with someone who understands the patience required in helping such nervous dogs grow in confidence. With the right guidance and enough time, we have no doubt that these boys will make wonderful companions.

    Anyone who knows this breed knows how strong-minded and affectionate they can be, with a great love for using their noses and exploring the outdoors. They are waiting for their second chance having been let down once already. They can be rehomed to England and Wales. Can you help?

    Teluma's Dream


    Disclaimer: Information about the animals up for adoption are provided by the rescue centres and charities that took care of them. We do not check the accuracy of this information. All this information is to be checked with the shelter who is concerned.

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