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Tess: female dog to adopt

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  • Tess

    This beautiful girl is Tess, a Spanish Mastin who has come into the pound having been found as a stray. Poor Tess is very sad at the pound, and it really isn't a good environment for any dog, especially one as friendly and gentle as she is. Sadly our large breed dogs always have a much harder time finding homes, and Tess has spend many months seemingly invisible. 

    Tess needs a large breed experienced home, used to living and handling Mastins or similar breeds. At around 60kg, and we just think Tess's size means there's more of her to love! Tess is very gentle and friendly towards those working at the pound, and she is wonderful with the dogs she shares a kennel with. They are all much smaller than her and very nervous, and she sits calmly while they hide behind her. She shares with male and female dogs at the moment. Unfortunately we have no way of testing her with cats or seeing her around children, so she will need an adult only and cat free home. 

    Whoever decides to take Tess, will be truly helping a dog in need. Tess desperately needs to get out of the pound and into a home, but her new family does need to be aware that she may not have experienced a home life before and everything could be new for her. She may need help with lead walking, housetraining, learning how to interact with unknown people, travel in the car, manners at home, and she will need time to build her confidence around unknown noises and being left home alone. Because Tess is in the pound, we can't know how much of this will be new to her, so she needs a patient, loving and compassionate home, fully committed to taking on a dog where we know nothing of her history and past experiences. What we do know of her from her interactions at the pound, is that she seems like a gentle, sweet soul who really needs her second chance. 

    If you can help Tess, please write to use for more information. Tess is currently in Spain, but can travel to the UK (England or Wales, but not Scotland), microchipped, vaccinated, spayed and tested for Meditteranean diseases. 

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    Disclaimer: Information about the animals up for adoption are provided by the rescue centres and charities that took care of them. We do not check the accuracy of this information. All this information is to be checked with the shelter who is concerned.

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