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Published on : 04/06/2022

Kairo: male puppy to adopt

  • Kairo
  • Kairo
  • Kairo
  • Kairo
    • Breed(s): Crossbreed
    • Age: 11 Months
    • Gender: Male
    • Size: Medium
    • Shelter's location:
      Teluma's Dream - London
    • Neutered: yes
    • Microchipped: yes
    • Dewormed: yes
    • Vaccinated: yes

    This is Kairo, who came into our care having been abandoned in an area of heavy traffic. He was frightened at first, but once his rescuer got him home and he relaxed, he has shown himself to be an absolutely sweet boy.

    He can be a little reserved and nervous on first meeting, it takes him a little while to realise he’s safe, but once he does he is so gentle and friendly, and we feel he would make a really nice family dog.

    With his first foster, he shared his space with five other dogs and two cats and did brilliantly, walking with them every day and getting used to life in a flat. His housetraining is something he needs ongoing help with, but within days at her house he got used to the routine and going out to do his ‘business’.

    He loves the company of other dogs and is really good with cats - at his current foster in northern Spain, he’s sharing space with a cat and two girls of 10 and 14 years old and is really sweet and friendly to everyone. He loves being outdoors and running and playing, and would love the option of a fenced garden.

    He does prefer to be outside at the moment, so he will need help settling and adjusting to life indoors. He will need to have lots of time meeting up and playing with other dogs as he adores their company. If he hears a sudden unexpected noise he can get spooked initially, but he settles quickly and is obviously still readjusting after having been left to fend for himself on a busy road with lots of noises. 

    He’s only 11 months old, and we imagine he will be a medium to medium/large size once fully grown (he’s currently 15.5kg but needs to put some weight on). Kairo will be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered before travelling to his home in the UK. He can be adopted in England or Wales, but not Scotland as we don't have rescue back up in the area. 

    Teluma's Dream


    Disclaimer: Information about the animals up for adoption are provided by the rescue centres and charities that took care of them. We do not check the accuracy of this information. All this information is to be checked with the shelter who is concerned.

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