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Snow: female dog to adopt

  • Snow

    This beauty is Snow, a Griffon of around a year old, who came to us having been abandoned by a hunter in the countryside. Poor Snow was terrified when she first arrived, confused and disoriented as she didn’t understand what was happening to her, or why the person she had been loyal to had just left her behind. Luckily she was taken into foster by the rescuer we collaborate with, and she has made wonderful steps in regaining her confidence. We’ve really started to see her loving, happy and playful side shine through.

    Snow is a gorgeous girl inside and out - she loves to run and play with other dogs, chases sticks and like all Griffon breeds needs the chance to be in nature and use her nose. She’s an active girl, so she will need a lifestyle to match her energy level. We feel she is best suited to a younger or middle aged couple who spend a lot of time walking and being outdoors. She will make a great companion for adventures, as soon as she’s had time to settle and become comfortable in her new surroundings.

    Snow can be quite bossy around other dogs, as she likes to be the centre of attention when it comes to human company, so whilst she was living with other dogs in a very experienced foster, we feel she would be happiest as an only dog where the attention is all hers. She is great with dogs when out walking and loves to play with them, and her attention related behaviour in the home can be managed with boundaries and training.

    Snow is a dog who will need ongoing training, as she is still so young and everything is still so new to her. We don’t know if she ever lived inside before coming to us, but since being in foster her behaviour indoors has been excellent. Snow adores human company and loves to be fussed and cuddled and to have her people around. She isn’t used to being left alone, so her future family will need to build on this slowly to help her feel comfortable alone. As a hunting breed, Snow may also have a high prey drive, so prospective adopters should bear this in mind, along with the recall training that Snow will need. Snow is learning how to walk on a lead, and how to be around new people when out and about, and she’s doing very well with her socialization.  

    We are looking for an adult only home or a home without young chldren (14+) , as Snow needs ongoing training and boundaries and we want her to be the priority in her new home. Snow has been tested with cats and everything went well, but she has never lived in the same home with one. That should be taken into account in the case her future family already has a cat.

    Snow is currently in Spain in foster care in Spain, but ready to travel to her forever home as soon as the right person or family comes forward. She will travel vaccinated, chipped, spayed and tested for Mediterranean diseases. She can be adopted in England and Wales, but not Scotland. If you feel you can offer Snow a forever home for the next 10-15 years, and meet the criteria outlined above, please get in touch with some information about,  your dog experience, home set up and why you feel Snow is right for you. We will happily respond with full details of our adoption process.

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    Disclaimer: Information about the animals up for adoption are provided by the rescue centres and charities that took care of them. We do not check the accuracy of this information. All this information is to be checked with the shelter who is concerned.

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