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Tullio: male dog to adopt

  • Tullio

    Approx 7 years, Male, Size: Medium (Medium Doodle size)

    Tullio is very friendly - sometimes a little TOO friendly.

    Although he is starting to get used to kennel-life he is easily becoming frustrated in kennels. He is a very active boy that wants to play all the time and is almost lead-trained so has been going out for a couple of short walks.

    He really enjoys chasing a ball and playtime with the other dogs.

    Due to his pent up frustration he does play nip which can be a little harder than expected - he means no harm and with 1-2-1 care in a home, proper exercise and stimulation this nipping should die down.

    As his play-nips can be hard he is best suited to a home with kids over the age of 16 years as it will be very startling to a younger child.

    Tullio can play with other dogs but he does lack manners. He can stand and bark in their faces trying to get them to play which will put a quieter dog off. If he lives with another dog it would need to be a bouncy and very playful female that can keep him on his toes!

    Tullio arrived from Romania in a very awful state, the lovely ladies at Noah's Ark Dog Grooming have come down to give him a complete make-over to rid him of the tight matts which are causing him pain.

    Tullio needs work and needs to learn boundaries, so will suit an active home that are willing to help him become the best dog he can be - he is not going to suit a less active family.

    He has a lot of potential to be a very sweet and fun-loving dog - he just needs a family that want to put in the time to get him there!

    He is a dog that will require regular grooming to prevent his coat from becoming matted so his owners will need to be prepared to maintain his coat and visit a groomers if necessary.

    Tullio is not suitable to live with cats.


    Home needed:

    Kids: Over 16 years

    Dogs: Yes - Playful female only

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 5ft minimum


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