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Laddie: male dog to adopt

  • Laddie

    Approx 1 year, Male, Size: Small/Medium (short but long)

    The photos on the left show Laddie at day 2 at Oakwood... the photos on the right show day 3... What a difference!

    Laddie arrived and curled himself up in a ball next to a tyre. He was absolutely terrified and wanted nothing more than to disappear into the ground. On day 2 he allowed us to touch him and then he realised that we are not going to hurt him.

    Laddie has very quickly become a very people oriented and loving boy. He will need to have times where he is on his own so that he learns that being alone at points is okay.

    He now has a spring in his step - and in his very impressive ears!

    Laddie has lots of love to give and we believe that he could be rehomed with kids over the age of 13, however, they must be sensible and give him the space he needs to make his own choices on whether he wants touch or not. He is not keen on being picked up or overly handled.

    Laddie does not get on with the dogs we have introduced him to at the centre. He is very worried and prefers the company of people. He would benefit from some training to help to work on his confidence with other dogs.

    He is not currently walking on a lead and will need time before he is ready.

    Laddie is not suitable to live with cats.


    Home needed:

    Kids: Over 13 years

    Dogs: No

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 5ft minimum


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