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Vic Reeves: male dog to adopt

  • Vic Reeves

    1 year, Male, Large Mixed Breed (Retriever size)


    Vic is a shy boy. He is beginning to come out of himself and is showing us how sweet he really will be. He loves his face being touched and enjoys a bit of a tickle, he is very worried about his back and other parts of his body being touched at the moment. He is very food motivated and has been following hot dog trails in and out of his kennel.

    Vic can get overwhelmed and will go and sit away from you at points. For this reason Vic Reeves needs to live in a home with children over the age of 16 years.

    We have some mixed signals from Vic in regards to other dogs. He has greeted some dogs and interacted with some, others he will hide from and will bark at them if they come close to him. He is starting to be socialised with some of our dog-friendly dogs and it is very clear he has lived a sheltered life - when he first met Sky he was interested but had no idea what to do with him - when Sky asked to play Vic stood looking at him very confused as to what Sky wanted. After a bit of persistence from Sky, Vic started to engage in play and really enjoyed himself. He can become possessive of his food and people so needs to live as an only dog, but could continue his dog socialisation in the future.

    Vic needs a patient home that are willing to allow him to come out of his shell at his own pace.

    Vic is beginning to walk on a lead but is still shy. He needs lots of time and patience to work up to longer walks.

    Home needed: 

    Kids: Over 16 years

    Dogs: No

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 5ft minimum


    Want to apply:


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