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Spirit: female dog to adopt

  • Spirit

    7 years, Female, Small Mixed Breed (Jack Russell size)

    Spirit was very frightened when she came off of transport - she found a tyre to hide in and kept herself out of the way.

    She is gentle but shy. She has done a couple of anxious tail wags at us but will allow touch and handling. She isn't confident enough at this moment to ask for strokes but she just needs time and patience and will really come out of herself.

    She is still being assessed with dogs. At the moment she is quite avoidant and keeps out of trouble. She sat behind us when we started doggy mixes and had had a couple of growls to tell dogs she's not interested in play but we need further assessment to see whether she would be suitable to live with another dog.

    As she has a very gentle nature Spirit could potentially live with kids over 14 years. They must be mature and allow her space and time to learn to trust them.

    She is not currently confident enough to walk on lead but staff will show you how to do this for when she is ready.

    Home needed:

    Kids: OVer 14 years

    Dogs: Under assessment

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 5ft minimum


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