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Johnny Vegas: male dog to adopt

  • Johnny Vegas

    3 years, Male, Medium Mixed Breed (Springer Spaniel size)

    Johnny Vegas arrived terrified - he stepped onto the field and hid behind a dog house to get away from dogs and people. We sat with him for a while and fed him hot-dogs to try to build up his confidence.

    Not too long afterwards he came out and realised that people = food and started to understand that we just wanted to be friends. He was so heavily matted that he struggled to go to the toilet properly. He was a very good boy and laid down whilst staff cutt his matts off so his skin could breate. The matts were so tight they made his skin very pink and sore.

    As the days have gone on Johnny's personality has started to shine through and he is a happy boy that really enjoys attention. He will paw you and sit beside you waiting for a chest scratch.

    Johnny Vegas will need someone around more as he can struggle to be left alone. This will need carefully building up in the home so he learns that being alone at times is okay.

    He is allowing us to guide him on a lead but he's not venturing out on walks just yet. He will need time in the home to build this up.

    He can be protective of his people and doesn't really enjoy sharing his people with other dogs so must live as an only dog. He may be able to walk with other dogs in future as long as it is carefully managed.

    Johnny has lots of potential and is a bright boy. He was reserved but this fell through due to no fault of his own, he is not awaiting his forever family to snap him up!

    Home Needed:

    Kids: Over 14yrs

    Dogs: No

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 5ft minimum

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