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George: male dog to adopt

  • George

    1 year, Male, Medium Mixed Breed (Collie size)

    George arrived a pretty happy boy and shortly showed us that he wanted to be friends. He's a friendly dog but he's not a crazy-hyper boy. He will jump up for attention but he is graceful with it and doesn't try to bowl you over.

    He is a calmer boy that does enjoy cuddles from people he knows and he really enjoys a chest scratch too.

    We believe he will be suitable for families with kids over the age of 11, however, he needs a family with kids that are after a cuddly dog, not a playful dog.

    He is still being assessed with other dogs and so far we are pretty happy with what we have seen. George likes to say hello to other dogs and enjoys to play, he adapts his play style to the dog that he is with but would prefer to be around dogs that are not over the top when playing. We are still assessing whether he is suitable to live with another dog.

    George is doing well with his lead training. He has a way to go but he is doing pretty well so far.

    Home Needed:

    Kids: Over 11yrs

    Dogs: Under assessment

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 5ft minimum

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