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Sasha: female dog to adopt

  • Sasha

    2 years, Female, Small Mixed Breed (Dachshund size)

    Teeny tiny Sasha is a ball of energy and personality! She may be the smallest dog in the rescue but she has the biggest character of all the dogs in our care.

    Sasha is constantly on the go and needs an active family that will keep up with her - don't be fooled by her size, Sasha will need lengthy walks to drain some of her energy.

    She is a fussy girl that loves attention. She can be submissive when greeting people so needs kids that are a little more mature and will be able to understand when she is uncomfortable.

    Sasha loves to play with other dogs, she can be very full on and has chased more timid dogs away. She can be quite rough at times so having playmates with a similar playstyle in future would suit her.

    We have tried Sasha in a kennel share, she did well for a few days but soon became frustrated with the dog she was sharing with and became uncomfortable. She will need to live as an only dog but would like to have doggy friends outside of the home.

    She can be vocal at times to get your attention which will require some work.

    Sasha loves to go out for her walks and is doing well with lead training. She needs some more time to practice walks but she is doing well so far.

    Home Needed:

    Kids: Over 12yrs

    Dogs: No

    Cats: No

    Fencing: 4ft minimum (no gaps at the bottom as she will squeeze out)

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