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Scout: male dog to adopt

  • Scout
  • Scout

    Scout is the most loving boy who honestly has a heart of gold and is very loyal to people he starts to know and love 

    Scout is usually pretty good with dog his own size so we have been told . He has good obedience and we do anything for a toy ( stuffed toys don't last long ) . Scout loves to be out and about , he loves hiking , camping and he cant get enough of the water . 

    Scout would be best suited to someone who work from home day to day not just because of covid or spilt shift as he doesn't like to be left for very long , He gets a bit stressed and we don't feel this is fair on him 

    Due to scout birth defect ( missing his hip socket) which doesn't really bother him at all . We must state that as much as scout loves being out and about we want his home to understand that not everything can be at 100 mph and a working role is defiantly a No. Scout begs to differ on this and he loves using his nose and is very good with it too but we feel it wouldn't be fair to him to expect him to work with his condition even if he say other wise sometimes.

    For an application form for Scout, please contact us. We would love to hear from you if you feel you could be the right home for him. Adoptions are subject to homecheck, adoption contract and adoption fee.


    Mars and Minerva Malinois Rescue


    Disclaimer: Information about the animals up for adoption are provided by the rescue centres and charities that took care of them. We do not check the accuracy of this information. All this information is to be checked with the shelter who is concerned.

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