Video Shows Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave His Owner When He’s Surrendered To A Shelter

I am unable to even comprehend the sorrow and hopelessness a dog must experience when he is being thrown out or given up by the people he recognized as family.

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This 7-year-old dog known as Shadow was surrendered by his family to a California shelter. And for what reason? The Facebook post shared by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs said “My former family who owned me had to give me up because they had trouble containing me.”

But what shattered our hearts was Shadow’s response when he was about to be surrendered. Shadow made an effort to hang on to his owner. He didn’t want him to go away. From the video below, you will notice exactly how frightened and lost Shadow was at the time.

However, no matter how much Shadow attempted to hang on to his owner, he was left behind there at that shelter, joining the rest of the dogs who are searching for caring, loving forever families.

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Based on his previous owners, Shadow is quite playful and adores children as well as other dogs.

Shadow was terrified and desperately needed a forever home, and thank goodness he got his wish almost immediately after. Here’s to Shadow finding the permanent love he truly deserves!

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RESCUED – moved to SAFE Album 06/08

RESCUED – moved to SAFE Album 06/08SHADOW'S Owner wasn't very nice to him when they were waiting and he was really trying to cling to him, hoping this wasn't really happening. He is very scared and confused now. They said he is very playful and loves little kids and other dogs. He is beautiful and he needs help now. Please SHARE for his life, he is VERY special and a FOSTER or ADOPTER would save him. Thanks!#A4107548 My name is SHADOW and I'm an approximately 7 year old male Flat-Coated Retriever mix. I am already neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 6/5. I will be available on 6/9. You can visit me at my temporary home at CRECEIVING.My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they had trouble containing me. Shelter, Gardena, California216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California310.523.9566, M-TH 12pm – 7pm, F-SU – 10am – 5pm PHOTO THREAD:

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Gepostet von Saving Carson Shelter Dogs am Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016