Dog watches teddy in the washing machine to make sure everything is ok

Separated from his beloved teddy bear while being washed, this dog stays right in front of the machine for the whole cycle!

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Habs, a cocker spaniel who belongs to a young woman called Jacqueline, stole a large teddy bear from his owner when he moved in with her a few years ago. The old dog always loves having his favourite teddy nearby, and it’s his go-to nap time buddy.

Clean bear, troubled mind

Obviously, any teddy needs the occasional wash now and then… But Habs didn’t agree. Not one bit. Who knew what could happen to his bear in that scary, noisy machine? The only solution: watch over the teddy during the whole ordeal. So Habs sat in front of the machine watching his friend whirl round and round.

Of course, everything was ok and teddy had a good and much-needed clean. But clearly Habs had been traumatised by this experience. He woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t understand where his bear had gone. Where was the last place he’d seen him? In the machine!

Confused dog tries to save teddy, again

Habs woke up his owner by scratching at the laundry room door. He did what any good friend does when concerned about their loved-one’s whereabouts: he went back to the place he remembered him last. But, and here’s the twist: his bear was already back in his basket! Poor Habs was obviously half-asleep, but panicked.

Jacqueline decided to let Habs check the inside of the machine and the dryer to confirm that his teddy was no longer trapped inside. She then took him back to his basket and showed him that, relief, the bear was waiting for him. It was time to go back to sleep.

Since then, Habs is happily reunited with his beautifully clean bear. But we hope he reacts more calmly next time it needs a wash!

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