Dog rescued from Hurricane Florence.


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The Humane Society of Missouri recently rescued a Maltese Terrier called Soshe from a flooded house.

A dramatic rescue

Soshe was stranded in the house for almost a week after Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina. Footage has emerged on Youtube showing the moment when the Disaster Rescue Team broke through to door to rescue little Soshe, who had been floating on a coach since the terrible weather hit last weeks.

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After being called by Soshes worried owner, it took the Disaster Team three attempts to find the house due to high water levels, making it difficult to identify the right property. During its search the boat’s engine broke down, meaning the crew had to paddle their way across the flooded waters. Luckily they found the right house and on approaching they could hear Soshe barking for help.

Soshe is back where she belongs.

As reported by the  People, the crew soon got hold of Soshe. They then dried her off and left her with a friend of the family. Soshe has now been reunited with a very grateful owner.

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The Heroes of Hurricane Florence.

Soshes rescue is one of many carried out by the Humane Society. Since the storm struck, the team have been working for the last ten days to save as many animals and pets as possible. Unfortunately, the storm has claimed the lives of an estimated 5,500 pigs and 3.4million chickens.

However, due to the Humane Society ’s relentless and brave efforts, many beloved pets like Soshe have been rescued. They’ve also been supported by Code 3 Associates, a professional animal disaster resource and response organisation.  Both teams also help out the Coast Guard by transporting rescued animals to shelters.

Well done guys. Keep up the good work!

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