Dog was petted by the players of a football match


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Football players petted a football dog in the middle of a match
Football players petted a dog in the middle of a match. ©oxendine_, Unsplash

A dog interrupted a football match where players petted him. He decided to do so in the middle of the encounter.

The using the hand is completely forbidden in football matches (with the exception of the goalkeeper of course). However, one hilarious puppy decided to test this rule by interrupting an active match so that football players could pat him.

Argentinian players witness Roberto’s naughtiness

This event took place last Sunday during a football match between the teams Unión de Santa Fe and Gimnasia. Both of these teams belong to a football league in Argentina. During the friendly match on Sunday, Roberto (the dog’s name) decided to break all rules and behave like the puppy he is.

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As you can see in the viral video, Roberto strolled onto the pitch while the players were playing. Then, all of the sudden, he stopped and began to enjoy a quick roll on the grass. A couple of seconds later, he got everyone’s attention. He then found himself surrounded by players who laughed at his boldness.

None of the players was mad at Roberto. All of them seemed very happy and they all showered the dog with lots of affection. Once the cosy moment finished, Roberto was escorted out of the field.

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Roberto was rooting for his home team

According to fans, Roberto always supports his home team Unión de Santa Fe. His team was winning 1-0 when he decided to interrupt. Players said that this dog trained to interrupt at halftime in order to distract the opponent team.

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In declarations to The Dodo, a spokesperson of Unión de Santa Fe said that “He’s our team’s dog. The members of the club attend to him as if it were their own”.

The story of Roberto proves that he is a true fan of football!

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