Dog Seen Outside Of Store With This Sign Around His Neck

A Dog Is Waiting Outside Of A Store For His Owner

Steve Moore saved a three-year-old Golden Retriever from the shelter and did a little something that no one believed possible: he taught Jackson to sit and wait patiently outside stores while he goes in to shop! And what’s more impressive? Not one person wanted Jackson four weeks earlier.

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Steve is actually not a professional dog trainer, but his training with Jackson has developed incredible outcomes in just a short period of time. His technique is to do the lessons in high traffic areas so the dog can learn to dismiss distractions while Steve hides just away from the Jackson’s view to keep an eye on him. Just as he said, he wouldn’t leave Jackson outside a store if he thought the dog would run across traffic.

Jackson gets lots of attention as he waits patiently with his sign on his neck.

“Everybody wants to take him home. I just find that amazing because four weeks ago, nobody wanted him,” Steve shared. Nevertheless it all worked out in the end – Jackson undoubtedly ended up in the right place.

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