Dog was very happy after soldier owner came back in homecoming!

A reunion between a dog and his owner after a long time apart is always emotional! Read the story of a homecoming reunion between a dog and a soldier.

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Everyone knows how emotional it is when a family member returns from deployment. Dogs feel it the same way we do, perhaps a bit more intense! Recently, another emotional story became viral when the entire world witnesses the homecoming reunion between a dog and his soldier owner after the latter came back home from deployment.

The story of Cassandra Cabrera and Miss May

Cassandra Cabrera deployed to Africa when her beloved Miss May was just a puppy. According to Cabrera, she was worried that when she came back home for the first time, Miss May didn’t recognize or remember her. Boy did she get a great surprise! Not only did her best friend remember her, but Miss May was out of herself during the long-overdue reunion.

A homecoming reunion!

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On Thanksgiving Day, Cassandra Cabrera returned home. There is a video that’s gone viral across social media, which shows the homecoming reunion between Cabrera and Miss May.  In the video, you can see how her family waited for her at the front of an escalator at the Sacramento Airport while Miss May was standing in attention. Then she sees her best friend Cabrera coming down to see her family. There are no words to describe her reaction really. Miss May simply couldn’t contain herself, and she jumps all over Cabrera. If that is not a warm welcome, I don’t know what it is! Cabrera knew right there that her dog never forgot about her.

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Dogs are very loyal pets

It is rather impressive how pets can remember your scent even after long periods of time apart. That is the true meaning of friendship and love. No matter the time or the distance, nothing can break the bond between a dog and his master.

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