Dog Lovers Day

Put Dog Lovers Day in your diary.
Make a date with your dog for Dog Lovers Day. ©Laula The Toller. Unsplash

As your loyal hound keeps reminding you, September 26th has been designated Dog Lovers Day by the World Dog Alliance (WDA). It’s a moment both of celebration and resistance. Dogs and their lovers around the world will unite to declare their status, and to decry the practice of dog meat consumption.

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We at Wamiz decided to draw attention to the special relationship between dogs and the humans with whom they share their lives, with a special Dog Lovers Day photo contest on our Facebook Page. You can see some of our favourites below.

Dog lovers not dog eaters

Around 30 million dogs are killed to eat every year in Asia and beyond. A shocking 70% of those slaughtered have been stolen.

That’s why the World Dog Alliance decided to create this special ‘pride’ day. Dog Lovers Day falls on September 26th. In Cantonese, ‘9-26’ sounds like the phrase “gau yi luk” – meaning “dogs are easily happy.”

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As these winning images show, it takes true love to make your pet a very happy dog.

Wamiz Choice: dog lovers and the dogs they love

Dog lover Aei Panambo's beloved dog, Sky
Smiles all round as our Facebook follower Aei Panambo relaxes with her dog, Sky. ©Aei Panambo
Dog lover Sandi Estreich with her pet Lizzy
“Lizzy such a sweetie was always with me when I was so sick,” says dog lover Sandi Estreich. ©Sandi Estreich
Braving the cold with the dog Emma Simm loves.
Emma Simm loves sledging with her dog, Foxy. ©Emma Simm
Alan Naylor rolling on the floor with the dogs he loves
Everyday chaos for dog lover Alan Naylor and his puppers. ©Alan Naylor
A dog lover's armchair is always made for two.
A dog lover’s armchair is always made for two. ©Brenda Leach
A dog lover and his partner.
Terry Dean Taylor and his dog Chloe look like quite the team! ©Terry Dean Taylor.
A dog lover with her retriever.
“My beautiful Amber. I love her so much.” ©Deborah Garofano-Ferguson.
A woman on a boat with her dog.
A long lineage of dog-loving boaters stretches from Jerome K. Kerome to Charlotte Moss. ©Charlotte Moss.
A dog lover trapped on the sofa by his dog.
Justin Wright with his beloved hound, Chance. ©Justin Wright.
A woman siting with her German Shepherd.
Monique Klinger with one of the three German Shepherds in her life. ©Monique Klinger.

Make Love Not Gaegogi (dog meat)

The cruel manner in which dogs are imprisoned, transported, and slaughtered is an affront to dog lovers all around the year, and not just on Dog Lovers Day. Many dog lovers are outraged that an animal so dearly loved by humans can be be killed for meat.

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But for the World Dog Alliance – an alliance of people, not dogs – it is the cruelty of the process that is most outrageous.

“There is a misconception that dog meat is tastier and contains better properties if the animals suffer high levels of stress whilst being killed,” claims the WDA. “This results in horrific suffering for the animals, with dogs being tortured, boiled, skinned or blow torched alive.”

This Dog Lovers Day, stand (or crouch) shoulder to shoulder with the one you love to tell the world: eating dogs is not on!

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