Dog Keeps Startling Secret from His Rescuers

Oscar was a scruffy little guy found wandering around a Greek town. Although he wanted to be loved, he was hiding a startling secret from the world.

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After being abandoned, bullied, and attacked by a vicious group of angry dogs, Oscar was left frightened and alone. The stray was then discovered and taken off the mean streets to somewhere safe.

From the first day he was taken in, Oscar was thankful to have a second chance. His happiness improved swiftly and his upbeat attitude made it known that he was grateful to be at the Save a Greek Stray shelter.

Unfortunately, poor Oscar was suffering from mange, ehrlichia, and leishmaniasis. He had an uncontrollable itch that he just couldn’t stop scratching, which his handlers noticed. They took him to receive medical attention from a doctor. He had to have all of his ailments treated, especially because he needed to be healthy to find a forever home.

Oscar’s health began to improve and he was acting just like any other dog. He was playing, fetching, socializing, and running around. The energetic dog seemed to have made a full recovery.

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Then, his rescuers learned something else about their happy-go-lucky friend.

He was actually blind.

It was a baffling situation. Oscar had a debilitating visual disability, yet he was fully functional. He didn’t need anyone’s help and moved around independently. His ability to live his life to the fullest, despite his huge setback, is definitely admirable.

If you are interested in taking home Oscar or one of his adorable friends, message Save a Greek Stray on their Facebook page!

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