Dog ignored because of cleft palate finds a home!

After being overlooked for months because of his cleft palate, a Staffordshire terrier/chihuahua mix called Clefford has finally found a home.

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Clefford was struggling to find a family.

Things weren’t looking good for Clefford. Already stuck in a dog shelter, his shy temperament and cleft palate were making it difficult for him to find a family. Luckily, a volunteer at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) saw something special in Clefford. Talking to the People, Will Stoltenberg said “I couldn’t help going to visit him every time I went to check on the dogs. He showed a truly wonderful personality by pushing up against the kennel door to get scratches every time I passed.”

Since then, a special diet and corrective surgery have set Clefford on the road to recovery. Will’s training and patience are also paying off, helping Clefford to overcome his nervousness and anxiety. Like Will says in People, “With time and positive training, contact with his fears took on the form of learning experiences.

Things are looking up for Clefford

Clefford is now a much happier dog, and Will can’t imagine life without him: “Adopting Clefford was one of the best decisions of my life. Clefford is now truly a family member and I can’t imagine a world where I didn’t adopt him.”

Clefford’s rise to fame

Clefford has also become a bit of a star! A recent Reddit post received lots of attention, with over 600 people posting their best wishes to Clefford. A Twitter post by The People also got over 500 likes and a host of adoring comments. Not bad for a shy little pup with a Cleft palate! Well done, Clefford and Will! You’ve reminded us all that beauty is only skin deep.

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Hopefully, Clefford stories will inspire any potential adopters to look a little bit deeper when searching for a rescue dog.

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