Dog Gets Scared During Car Rides, so Owner Devised a Sweet Way to Calm Him Down

Nervous Dog Won’t Ride In The Car Unless His Owner Does This Special Thing. (He knows exactly what will make his pup feel better.)

All dogs have different personalities, and some of them are just more affectionate than others by nature. Some loving pups want to be near you all the time, and they can’t even be in the same room as you without snuggling up close.

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But, sometimes, dogs need to cuddle because they feel anxious, and a caring human presence nearby puts their nerves at ease.

Tom the Cocker Spaniel is a dog with a lot of love to give. The thing is, he expects his owner to return the favor, even if it’s not exactly the most convenient time and place!

Most dogs are affectionate to some degree, but certain ones crave more attention than others. There are a variety of reasons why, but mostly, it’s because they just love their human companions! And the adorable Tom is just one of these needy pups.

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He loves going on car rides with his owner, but he has a tendency to get nervous before each departure. In order to calm him down, his owner figured out a special trick to use before each journey, and it might just be the most precious thing you’ll ever see!

What exactly does Tom’s owner do before every car ride that helps calm his nerves? Watch this cute video to find out. You’ll wish that Tom could join you for every car ride after you see how he reacts to his owner’s gentle gesture!

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So cute! This sweet pup’s owner knows he should keep both hands on the wheel, but good luck telling Tom that.

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