Where is UK’s most dog-friendly town? Learn about its characteristics!

most dog friendly town award - perfect town for dogs
Malton – Uk’s most dog friendly Town Award 2018. ©Nikolay Tchaouchev,Unsplash

UK’s top dog-friendly town for 2018 has been selected. It has many interesting and adorable features to please dog owners and their pets.

If you are a pet parent, the time has come for you to pack and go on your next holiday with your dog. There is a great town ready to receive newcomers and show them the time of their lives.

Malton was selected the best dog-friendly town of 2018

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The magnificent town of Malton is the best dog-friendly town in the UK! It got the first place in the 2018 Dog-Friendly Awards. This town, located in Yorkshire, won this great award thanks to its unique features. For starters, it has an entire café dedicated to helping dogs overcome their stress. How can they achieve this? Well, they came up with the idea of encouraging visitors to give plenty of cuddles to these dogs!

This place is called the Cuddle Café. Surely, you never dreamed of a place where you can sip on cups of tea while also petting and cuddling with puppies.

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The majority of businesses are dog-friendly

Whenever you get a chance to visit, you will see with your own eyes how the majority of business accept dogs. For example, you can take your dog to local cafes, restaurants, parks and even the Work House Gym! In the latter, you can bring your dog along while you train. Another shocking example is the local estate agent’s office. In here, you will find a dog crèche that makes it possible for its staff to bring their pets to work. Furthermore, some local shops and hotels have resident made specifically for dogs!

Plan your next vacations!

You must visit this amazing town. As a tourist, you can stay in one of the best dog-friendly hotels in the UK called Talbot Hotel. Here, most rooms are prepared to receive owners and their pets. Wait no more and visit Malton!

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