Dog-friendly restaurant in Texas paying $100 an hour to pet puppies

dog-friendly restaurant
Learn about Texas’s dog-friendly restaurant that pays to pet puppies! ©Spiritze, Pixabay

A dog-friendly restaurant is paying $100 an hour to a ‘puptern’ to pet puppies. Dog lovers from the region want to be selected to be the first puptern ever.

This is a dream come true to many dog lovers all around the world. The thing we love the most is petting adorable puppies. But, imagine getting paid $100 an hour to do so! Can’t picture any better job right now! Nonetheless, the dog-friendly restaurant ‘Mutts Canine Cantina’ has launched this amazing opportunity on its Instagram account. It will select the first puptern for its new location in Fort Worth in a matter of days.

The announcement made by the dog-friendly restaurant

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In the Instagram post, Mutts Canine Cantina announced this amazing opportunity. The official speaker wrote “Show us your puppy petting skills! Do you have what it takes to be the first-ever MUTTS Puptern at our brand new location in Fort Worth?”. So far, over 1,500 people liked the post!

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The requirements for the job

Those interested in this job position need to do several things before applying. The first of which is to create an original photo or video before Nov. 12. In this video or photo, this dog-friendly restaurant is demanding a highlight of their “puppy petting skills”. Likewise, they must have knowledge of tagging the eatery!

Learning about Mutts Canine Cantina

This amazing dog-friendly restaurant is quite successful in Dallas. With one famous location already, the CEO decided to open the second one in Forth Worth (but with an amazing twist!). Since the announcement, the animal lovers’ community is very excited. Nobody knows who is going to be the first puptern ever. According to the restaurant, it has already received hundreds of applications.

Next Nov. 12 is going to be a very exciting day. Good luck to you all!

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