These Puppies were Rescued from a Dog Fighting Facility Before They Were Raised in Horrible Conditions

Dog fighting is illegal in the United States, but it sadly still happens in many parts of the country. Innocent dogs are forced to fight, and many vulnerable ones are used as bait. The dogs who lose in fights are either left to die or often killed. The winners are usually used to reproduce. They’re forced to have litter after litter, which can really take a toll on their bodies. Then, they’re used in even more fights.

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These two puppies were thankfully rescued from that nightmare. They were born in a backyard with other dogs who were being raised to fight. These poor dogs live a miserable life outside. They’re chained up, and never get to feel the love they deserve.

Pit Bulls are the most common breed of dogs used in rings. Because of this, they get a bad rap of being aggressive. But when these poor dogs were rescued, you could clearly see that they’re sweet and friendly. They show just how grateful they are to finally be saved.

These pups were given a second chance, but not all dogs stuck in these horrible situations are as lucky. Hopefully one day we will be able to put an end to all dog fighting rings all over the world.

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