Stranger cut off part of a dog’s ear outside shop in Northern Ireland

Part of a dog's was cut off by a stranger.
Stranger cut off part of a dog’s ear. Ⓒmanuel_fedele, Unsplash

An unknown individual cut off a part of a dog’s ear when he was tied up outside of a shop. This event has the Tesco Springhill store’s community on the edge.

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Last Friday, a horrid event took place outside the Tesco Springhill store (Northern Ireland). An unknown person cut off a part of dog’s ear when he was tied up outside of the Bangor store. According to the owner of the dog, the incident happened between 5:30pm and 8pm.

Incredible support from the community

Apparently, everyone that works in the community feel very close to each other. As a matter of fact, staff of the stores held a collection of funds and treats for the dog. The money raised will be used to pay for the vet bills.

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Who would cut off a part of a dog’s ear?

When the owner explained the recollection of events, he said that his dog was tied up with other dogs. He said that he always did this because he had to work. But, when the owner came back to get his dog, he saw a part of his ear was cut off. In declarations on Facebook, he said that “Someone took it upon themselves to cut his ear off”.

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He explained that his dog was where he always left him. “He was tied up in the downstairs car park. We are just looking for any customers that may have noticed anyone approaching the dog”. But nothing has come up as yet.

What does forensics indicate?

The local community carried out an amateur forensic exam in the “scene of the crime” and they consulted with a veterinarian. According to him, given how straight the cut was, the person who did it must have used a blade or a scissor. He ruled out another animal as the responsible party.

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The community is on high alert after this incident. Close friends of the dog owners have said that the dog was a complete wreck. He is still very nervous. Fortunately, they said that he enjoyed the treats that the community gifted him. No dog should ever have any parts of his body cut off for no reason.

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