‘He Waited’: Dog Dumped on the Curb with Discarded Furniture on Snowy Day by Detroit Family

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A dog found abandoned on a curb is waiting for a permanent home after his owners left him behind when they moved out of their Michigan home.

A photo showed Ollie the dog sitting on a chair, surrounded by garbage on a Detroit corner earlier this month. The two-year-old dog was emaciated and suffered a broken leg when he was discovered, according to a You Caring fundraiser for Ollie, which was created by the Detroit Animal Welfare Group.

“He waited for his family to come back. And they didn’t want him. They didn’t come back for him,” Terri Looby told WXYZ. “They did come back for the little dog and then left Ollie.”

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The dog is now in the care of the non-profit animal rescue group, and has been placed with a foster owner while he undergoes treatment for a broken femur, WXYZ reports.

He was expected to undergo surgery to repair his leg on Saturday, DAWG officials wrote in a Facebook post. The fundraiser was created to help cover expenses of repairing Ollie’s femur. It has reached twice its original goal of $2,500.

“Ollie Loo was left with the trash when his family moved out. Left to survive the freezing Detroit temps with a broken leg and emaciation,” officials wrote on the page. “Please help us save his leg.”

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Another dog experienced a similar situation in October. A pooch named Boo was also left on a curb in Detroit, along with his family’s discarded furniture. He was later taken in by a local dog rescue.