Expecting Mama Dog Declines To Deliver Her Puppies. The Reason Why, Got Me Crying.

Left Behind, Expecting Mama Dog Hopes For A Miracle, And Eventually Got An Answer To Her Prayers

This really is an extremely wonderful story.

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Java the boxer had been abandoned by her owners. When they relocated, they left her on her own in the yard to look after herself. She was not only frightened and hungry, but on top of that, Java was very pregnant and about to give birth.

The scared mama dog, who was no more than two years old at the time, wasn’t willing to let her babies out into the world – certainly not in these horrible circumstances. She held them in for as long as she could, seemingly waiting for any miracle. That’s the moment when a woman named Karen from LostPetFoundPet.org discovered her. “I couldn’t wait for any rescue to bring her in so I moved her to Nob Hill Animal Clinic in Plantation, which actually opened up their doors after 6pm to let her in,” she informed us. “The following day, they went in and Java finally gave birth to her very first puppy.” That’s correct – within just a couple of hours after her rescue, Java was feeling relaxed enough to deliver all nine of her tiny pups, without having a problem!

(The recording shows Java delivering a few of the pups on the 2:35 minute mark, however it’s not really very graphic. She makes certain to give them lots of licks as well as kisses.)

Once the personnel had made sure that Java and her puppies were well, the new family was moved to the Florida Boxer Rescue on the west coast of Florida.

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It’s incredible to discover a group getting together to assist Java and her newborn pups. LostPetFoundPet.org managed to raise over $1500 for her care, and happily transmitted the funds to the rescue.

More importantly? The brave group of angels found and even secured compassionate forever homes for all the pups along with Java! Just how awesome is that?!

With over 7.6 million pets being put into animal shelters across the country annually, animals will need all of us much more than ever before. If you’re moved by poor Java’s story and are willing to bring a pet into your family, start finding them on Petfinder.

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