Dog covered with matted fur is so happy after his makeover

Jareth the dog had a really bad case of matted fur, but now he’s had an amazing makeover!

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How he got in such a state, nobody knows, but Jareth the poodle clearly hadn’t seen a brush in years. Literally, the dog could barely see anything: his matted fur was so severe that one of his eyes was completely covered. Far from the perfectly-groomed poodles often seen at shows, this five-year-old dog was in a sorry state.

Severely matted fur, to magic dog makeover!

From covered eyes, to feet so matted the pads didn’t touch the floor, it’s clear this dog has suffered from neglect. Thank goodness, then, that he was handed in to the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California. He was in such a bad shape he had to be carried in.

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Within the hour, the team rushed him to their clinic and put him under sedation. While he slept, staff carefully removed over 2 pounds of matted fur. The transformation is quite astounding.

Jareth is happy and excess-fur free

While, before, Jareth looked like a matted fur ball / wild sheep, he has halved in size and now resembles a big-eyed little lamb! Devon Prendergast, community relations coordinator for the shelter, explained (via The Dodo) that “Although he suffered severe trauma and neglect, just four days after having all the matted fur removed, Jareth is now vocal and full of energy. […] He enjoys his walks on leash and loves having his new soft coat petted.”

Now that’s a great makeover.

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Almost ready for a new family

Jareth is going to take some me-time to recover from his ordeal. But once he’s fully recovered, this little poodle will be made available for adoption, and hopefully find his forever home. One that loves and properly cares for him, this time around.

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Thanks to the Valley Animal Center for their great work and love.

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