Loyal Dog Chases after Master’s Funeral Procession for 2 Miles, Lies by the Grave to Say Goodbye

Dogs are very loyal creatures – and one has proven yet again that this is true! This dog chased after its master’s funeral procession and ran the entire two miles towards the cemetery because it wanted to say goodbye.

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Family and friends of an old woman from a village in Malaysia were on a funeral procession from her house to the cemetery when Leong Khai Wai, the old woman’s great grandson, looked back to see the dog chasing them.

Screenshot from video by Leong Khai Wai / Facebook

Bobby the dog must have felt that the procession had something to do with his master because he normally doesn’t follow the family around. This time, however, he took the long journey from home to chase them.

More photos of him lying by the old woman’s grave were later shared by Leong.

The loyal dog watched the proceedings carefully and refused to leave his spot by the grave until the soil was put back in. It really seemed like Bobby was bidding goodbye to his best friend, the old lady.

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Afterwards, when the funeral was finished, he readily went home with Leong and the old lady’s husband, Leong’s great-grandfather.

The villagers who witnessed the touching moment all highly praised Bobby. Leong shared, “They said it was the first time they’d ever seen such extreme loyalty in a dog.”

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Gepostet von Leong Khai Wai am Freitag, 3. März 2017

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Bobby’s story spread like wildfire on social media, making him an instant internet celebrity. It’s hard to think there were those who didn’t believe that a dog was capable of ‘mourning’ and ‘missing’ its human. These people surely haven’t heard of Hachiko and don’t have dogs! Do you agree?