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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Alternate NamesTerrier du Yorkshire, dwarf Yorkshire Terrier, Dwarf long hair terrier, Yorkshire Toy Terrier, Yorkie, York, Yorkshire
OriginGreat Britain
SectionToy Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier Profile

Robust (Health)
Supports Loneliness
Need Exercise
Easy To Maintain
Easy to Train
Nice Child
Agreement with Animals
First Dog
Able to Guard

Physical Characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog with a compact, upright, and harmonious structure, which gives it an important appearance. The general structure is strong and well-proportioned. The head is rather small and flat, with a slightly rounded skull and a not-too-long snout. The eyes are of medium size, dark, shiny, and shaped in a way to look forward. The ears are small, in the form of a “V,” erect and covered with short, less intense reddish brown-colored hair. The paws are straight. The tail is usually cut half length, is well covered with hair and reaches a little higher than the back.

Coat: moderately long on the body, perfectly straight and shiny. The coat is also thin and silky, and never woolly to the touch. The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is also longer around its head – it should be very long at the base of the ears and on the snout.

Color: steel blue from the occiput to the base of the tail – never mixed with fawn hair – dark or light copper color. The dark liver color can be found on the chest. Liver hairs are always darker at the base and lighten up at an even gradient.

Size: 15 to 25 cm.

Weight: 3.1 kg maximum for the males and the females.

Origins and History

The breed is quite recent, but no official documents are available on its origins. However, it’s almost certain that other terriers like the Skye, Cairn, Clydesdale and the “Terrier de Melita” (now known as the Maltese) contributed toward its formation.

Character and Abilities

The Yorkshire Terrier is an awake, bright, and very intelligent dog. It should never be treated like a toy, but rather like a true Terrier. It is only suitable for children who are able to respect it. Although it is mainly used as a companion and exhibition dog, it is still an ardent rat hunter, a job for which it was selected. It can be a good guard “alarm signal” dog.

Living Conditions

The Yorkshire Terrier is an apartment dog. If it goes outdoors, use curlers to maintain its hair and to avoid that its coat gets dirty or damaged. For companion dogs that aren’t doing exhibitions, the hair can be cut so that it doesn’t touch the ground. This would really help to maintain the health and beauty of the coat.


It is a small but robust dog, even if its size makes it vulnerable to traumas.

Average life expectancy: about 14 years.

Information and Tips

Despite its coat, which requires constant and rather tedious care, this breed is quite popular. However, its popularity has resulted in a high production of poor quality dogs. It is imperative to turn toward the best breeders to get a good puppy and not a dog that just “looks like” a Yorkshire.

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