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Alternate NamesBeauce Shepherd, Red-Stockings, Short-haired French Shepherd Dog
GroupShepherd and Working Dog
SectionShepherd Dog

Beauceron Profile

Robust (Health)
Supports Loneliness
Need Exercise
Easy To Maintain
Easy to Train
Nice Child
Agreement with Animals
First Dog
Able to Guard

Physical Characteristics

Varieties: a) black and tan; b) Harlequin (black and mottled gray with tan markings).

The Beauceron is quite often confused with the Dobermann, to which it looks rather similar due to its black and tan coat. However, the two breeds are very different. The Beauceron is more rustic and robust, its coat is different, its tail is left whole, and its back paws must have the distinctive double dewclaws specific to the breed. Its head is long, with a flat or slightly curved skull, a slightly marked stop and a nasal bridge slightly arched toward the end. Its eyes are dark, while its ears are almost always cut and, therefore, held erect. Uncut ears must be rather short and flat.

Fur: short, thick and hard, with a very short undercoat. There is slight feathering by the rump and tail.

Color: according to the variety, black and fawn, or harlequin, which is black and mottled gray with tan markings (also, very rarely, called tricolor).

Size: 65 to 70 cm for the males and 63 to 68 cm for the females.

Weight: 30 to 40 kg.

Origins and History

The Beauceron first appeared in a dog show in 1897, but the breed is very old. Its original subjects were very aggressive and had a very short coat, but the following selections made it a more balanced dog. However, it is still a very difficult dog for a beginner to train .

Character and Abilities

The Beauceron can easily act as a guard, defense or working dog. In inexperienced or too soft hands, it can become stubborn and even bite. It has a very developed sense of responsibility, and if its owner doesn’t fit the leader role, the dog will easily take its place and decide what is fairer for itself. On the other hand, when placed in expert hands, it will be one of the best working dogs in the world. Of all shepherd dogs, it is the best defense dog. Its mistrustful and unfriendly qualities make it a perfect guard dog.

Living Conditions

Due to its imperative to exercise, it is important that the Beauceron has a lot of space. A garden is ideal, but it must have regular contact with humans so that it does not start to think of itself as dominant. 


It is important to always check its dewclaws, which can be injured outdoors. This dog needs a lot of exercise.

Average life expectancy: about 12 years.

Information and Tips

The Beauceron isn’t and easy dog: it is very important to train it very young and to make it understand that every family member is higher in the hierarchy. If this is not done, it could bond only with one member (the most dominant) and ignore the others or try to dominate them.

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