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Alternate Names
OriginGreat Britain
GroupCommon Dog and Bloodhound
SectionSmall Size Common Dog

Beagle Profile

Robust (Health)
Supports Loneliness
Need Exercise
Easy To Maintain
Easy to Train
Nice Child
Agreement with Animals
First Dog
Able to Guard

Physical Characteristics

The Beagle is a small and graceful dog that is as long as it is high. It is well built, solid, and carries a strong expression of strength and energy. Its head is strong but not massive, with a pronounced stop and a blunt snout. The Beagle’s ears are set high, appear rounded and are quite long. Its eyes are round and bright, and they give the dog one of the most captivating looks in the canine world. Its paws are strong and muscular, but perfectly straight, while its tail is large and hairy, set high, and carried like a saber.

The Beagle also has a sub-breed called the “Beagle Elizabeth” in honor of Queen Elizabeth I, who had selected it as a pet. These Beagles were less than 35 cm high, but are now very rare.

Fur: short.

Color: it can be bicolor or tricolor.

Size: 33 to 40 cm.

Weight: 12 to 17 kg.

Origins and History

We know almost nothing about the actual origins of the Beagle. According to some authors, it might be descendant from the hunting dogs described by Xenophon in the fourth century BC. A hound similar to the Beagle is also mentioned in an Ossian poem from the third century. Certain small hounds resembling the Beagle are furthermore documented in England at the time of Elizabeth I – the second half of the fifteenth century. However, the French claim the origin of the breed, and argue that these dogs come from their hounds, who landed in England with William the Conqueror during the eleventh century. Today, this breed is widespread in France, Italy, England, Australia and particularly in the United States, where about one hundred thousand Beagles are registered per year. Although they are commonly owned by hunters, most Americans see Beagles as great options for a family dog or house pet.

Character and Abilities

The Beagle is commonly used to hunt hares, foxes and, in some cases, wild boars; packs consist of six to twenty dogs. Some maintain that this is the best dog in the world, no matter what you’re looking for. While gentle with children, it can be a tireless game companion, and it can also be a good friend for the elderly. Naturally, as a hound, it needs to move, but a small garden is enough to for this breed to enjoy its vitality. As an adult, it is very quiet and won’t bother anybody when inside the house. Puppies, on the other hand, will be puppies, but you’ll quickly forgive any mischief when you gaze into those “Beagle eyes” – they’re enough to inspire some genuine puppy love.

Living Conditions

Small, short-haired, and with an innate sense of cleanliness, the Beagle can live quite happily in an apartment. However, it can also live outside if needed, provided that it is well-protected from rain and moisture. If it has the opportunity to go hunting, it will be the happiest of dogs!


The Beagle is a rustic dog that has no particular health problems. However, it is predisposed to certain diseases such as hyperthyroidism. Its ears are sometimes prone to infections, and eye problems are common in this breed. Also, if inactive (apartment living, old age …), it can quickly become obese.

Average life expectancy: about 12 years.

Information and Tips

If living in an apartment, the Beagle must not spend the entire day lying down. Born to hunt, the Beagle needs to be exercised. It’s built like an athlete, so it should have a chance to play and run around, preferably in the countryside.

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