Reckless and Totally Merciless Puppy Mill Owners Dispose of Dead Puppies in a Wheelbarrow

This just breaks our heart...

These puppies had been marketed as loved animals who had been raised in a family home in Bradford, United Kingdom. But owners John Wilcock, 36, and Bernadette Nunney, 25, were actually breeding their dogs in terrible conditions to sell them at a profit. When they got sick and difficult to look after, the couple let them die.

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Six puppies were casually thrown into a wheelbarrow for disposal.

When the puppies were discovered, one of them was still alive. Unfortunately, he later died from complications caused by parvovirus. Wilcock and Nunney appeared at Leeds Magistrates’ Court, and were each given a 20 week suspended prison sentence for 18 months. They’re also never allowed to own dogs again.

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In the court trial, which went on for four days, both were found guilty of numerous animal cruelty charges. Some other dogs from the puppy mill were living in concrete stables and kennels. Many of the dogs didn’t have any food, bedding, or water. As many as 43 dogs were found by RSPCA inspectors but some of them, thankfully, have already found their loving forever homes.

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