Could Dog Leggings be the “must have” doggy fashion this Christmas?

What is on your favourite pet’s Christmas list this year? Could it possibly be a set of the new dog leggings? Designed to keep your dog’s paws clean when out walking, although they are quite a fashion statement too!

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New fashion for dogs

There need to be no embarrassment if you want your pooch to be just as fashionable as you when out walking. These days there is an enormous choice in doggy wear available on the high street and online. When you are out with your dog, whether it is strolling along the beach or running through the woods, they can be stylish as well as comfortable.

Not too many years ago, people would laugh at the thought of a dog clothing range. Even basic wet-weather gear like an overcoat was often looked on with disdain. In recent years, things have changed for the better. Doggy fashion is booming, and now it goes further than just functional outfits for rainy weather. Some of the latest creations for canines can be seen ranging from personalised t-shirts to Christmas jumpers.

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dog leggings by walkee paws©instagram

Dog Leggings – a serious doggy statement

Lisa Baronoff, the owner of the company Walkee Paws in the US has created a set of “innovative leggings” for dogs. Their selling mission is that they don’t only provide your dog with maximum paw protection and comfort, but also keep dirt and germs out of your home. Although we have been able to buy doggy boots for some time, these tend to either fall off or fit too tight around the dog’s paws. However, the ingenious design of these new leggings is that they are less restrictive and quite stretchy. They fasten over the dog’s back, allowing them to have free movement without being restricted.


dog leggings by walkee paws©instagram

Unique design

Baronoff initially created the leggings based on a pantyhose design. Created with cleanliness and safety in mind, they are also water-proof. Available in a variety of designs, including camouflage, confetti design and black and white checks. Various sizes are available in small, medium and large although currently not manufactured for lapdogs or extra-large breeds.

Will your dog have these leggings on his wish list for Father Christmas this year?

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