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How to groom your cat?

Ginger cat getting groomed advice © Shutterstock

How to groom your cat? Find below all our tips to take good care of your cat and the rules you should follow for a good grooming.

By Emilie Heyl

Cats are perhaps the animals who care most about their personal hygiene: they groom themselves daily by licking their coat.

However, if too much fur is ingested this can lead to stomach and bowel problems. For this reason, removing and brushing out the excess hair is necessary. Use a brush that is suited to the length and hair of your cat. Short-haired cats do not need much care. Brushing the coat once a week with a suitable brush following the direction of the hair is more than enough. Long-haired cats on the other hand, require more attention as their fur tends to get knotted. If they are not groomed regularly they will have to be sheared.

Brushing your cat daily

It is therefore useful to comb their coat, against the lie of the hair, daily. Use a silk brush, and pay special attention to the ears, chin and under the legs where the knots form more easily. Additionally, more care should be given to cats that live outside. Parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice often take refuge in cat hair, so brushing makes sure they are rid of the creepy-crawlies.

During moulting season (March – April) it is important to step up the level of grooming as there is more dead hair than the rest of the year.

In the likely event of the ingested hair building up in the gut to a point where your cat can no longer get rid of it, see your vet.

Bathing your cat ?

Cats are such clean animals that their coats don’t smell of anything. However, you still need to bathe your cat. If they are used to water from an early age, putting them into water and lathering them up won’t be a problem.

The water should be warm and in line with your cat’s body temperature, the soap used should be neutral and odourless (Marseille soap, odourless shampoo for children, or products designed for animal use).

After rubbing the coat down with a towel, dry the fur with a quiet hair dryer. If your cat is not used to the bath you can use dry shampoo to take out some of the grease from their coat.