“Cat Grandpa” goes napping with shelter pets

Napping with shelter cats
Napping with shelter cats ©James.Baldwin, Unsplash

As we celebrate Grandparents ‘Day on 7th September, have you heard the touching snippet about the Cat Grandpa? He has been visiting a cat sanctuary every day for six months, where he is often caught napping with the shelter pets.

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His first visit to the pet shelter

The “Cat Grandpa”, alias Terry Laurmen, aged 75, who lives in Wisconsin, first visited the pet shelter in Green Bay, around 6 months ago. He initially heard of the animal sanctuary, which promotes a no-kill, cage free environment for the kitties, and went to see for himself. The Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary dedicates their care to felines with psychological or physical disabilities.

Cat Grandpa’s return trips

Terry, a retired Spanish teacher, didn’t just visit the pet shelter once. He took along a grooming brush and began to care for the cats at the sanctuary, brushing each kitten in turn. As a result, he discovered lots about the cats’ likes and dislikes, and their little habits. Most days, he would fall asleep while cuddling and grooming the cats. Consequently, as his visits became more frequent, he signed up as the pet shelter’s official volunteer.

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Buckhorn, his favourite cat

When the Cat Grandpa walks through the door, the cats certainly know they’re in for a treat. They rush over to greet Terry, and climb on top of him, waiting for him to use his special brush. Above all, he has one favourite cat, Buckthorn, who is probably the most anxious cat at the pet shelter. Due to Terry’s love and attention, he is slowly allowing him to groom him with the brush.

Cat Grandpa is now viral on social media

However, grooming around 30 cats each day can become rather tiring, so the Cat Grandpa spends quite some time snoozing with the cats on the sofas. His colleagues at the pet shelter have been snapping him with several of the kitties resting with him. Since these posts have been shared on social media, donations to the shelter have been flooding in. The funds will be used to renovate the old building that currently houses the rescued kitties.

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