This Cat, Dog and Rat have a unique relationship that they can’t be separated

What happens when you put a young doggie, a visually-impaired cat, and a senior rat in one room? Well, if it’s this adorable trio, Sasha the canine, Jack the feline and Tweaks the rat, this means they’ll become BFF’s.

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The unlikely friends were surrendered to the shelter by their human in March. “Their owner could no longer care for them but they let us know they were very bonded,” Jennifer Ollanketo of The Oshkosh Area Humane Society shared.

As Jack the kitty can’t see very well, he relies on Sasha the dog for emotional support and sometimes for getting around. “She calms Jack and if Jack is away from Sasha too long he gets very upset.” When a vet tried to examine the cat, he didn’t allow the doctor to come close until his friend Sasha the canine was brought in.

Tweaks the rat may be senior, but he’s young and playful at heart. This pet is very friendly absolutely adores his buddies – he is the most entertaining and cuddling out of the three.

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Of course, the trio had to be adopted together – and they were. “The Rat Pack just left for their new home today! We’re all very excited that they all went home TOGETHER,” Jennifer shared the good news.

Meet Sasha the dog, Jack the visually-impaired feline and Tweaks the rat – the trio who ended up in a shelter

“Their owner could no longer care for them but they let us know they were very bonded”

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