Dozens of bomb-sniffing dogs killed in Kuwait

An image appears that shows the bodies of the dogs, who were trained for explosives detection, piled on top of one another on a hallway. At least 24 American dogs were massacred in Kuwait.


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A Facebook picture shows the bodies of about 24 to 40 dogs piled on top of each other after they were supposedly euthanized just because of a contract falling through.

Dozens of American-trained dogs were slaughtered by a Kuwaiti-based company last week, based on multiple reports, although there are different explanations for the deaths.

An Instagram post from the Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit showed the dogs’ bodies piled on top of one other in a hallway, and regarded the action by Eastern Securities of Kuwait as “horrifying animal abuse/massacre.”

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“Due to their contract being revoked, they slaughtered 24 of their US K9 dogs whom [sic] were trained by USK9 dog training facility which is located in Louisiana, USA,” the post states. “This security company is an American company which worked with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). KNPC paid 3000KD (equivalent of $9900)/month) to the security company for each dog.”

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However, the Eastern Securities of Kuwait said that the animals were euthanized because of their constant health issues, not because of the failed contract.

“These dogs were suffering in the condition they were in,” an anonymous employee said to the Arab Times. “In my opinion, this should have been done a year ago.”

He also added that the dogs had to be euthanized either because of their aggressive disposition or because of medical conditions such as tumors, cataracts, chronic diarrhea and hip dysplasia. He said they had thought of euthanizing the dogs by batch, doing smaller groups first, but a member of the kennel staff “jumped the gun,” and has since been fired.

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company said on Tuesday that it didn’t take any part in the killing of the dogs and expressed remorse. A spokesman for the company also said that they had cancelled the contract because a third party had tested the dogs’ ability to detect hidden explosives at oil rigs and the dogs weren’t able to pass the tests.

After the massacre, a Facebook page was created about the incident and in protest against the Eastern Securities of Kuwait company. The page was reportedly created by a former employee, who said she had worked for the company for five months in 2014.

“I can not get exact numbers, but the only witness that has exposed this says about 40 dogs,” the Facebook post states.

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The Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit reported that the company still has dozens more dogs remaining at the facility.

Bill Baisey, the owner of Eastern Securities, reportedly did not answer any emails since the news broke. An email to the company’s general info account was also not being returned.

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