Before and After Photos Of Pets With Their Favorite Toys

Every child has his favorite toy, and he grows up playing with it. The same as all of us, animals have their favorite toys too. Oftentimes, the toys they played with when they were younger remain their favorite like there’s absolutely nothing like them across the world.

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Dogs love toys that seem to be similar with food, while cats love fluffy toys that they can play with.

Take a look at these cute before and after photos of pets growing up with their favorite toys!

#1 Two years after, this yellow duck remains her favorite cuddle partner.


#2 “Yes mom, I really like my little fluffy toy and I’ll hold it tight forever!”


#3 Back then, the little panda had been his buddy. Now, it’s his little toy who has been there for him for ages!

121515-pets-with-their-toys-3#4 “He’s my best buddy for life! Thanks for getting him for me!”

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#5 “I swear life wouldn’t be exactly the same without having you.”


#6- This little yellow duck makes him sleep much better. There’s nothing much better means of relaxing aside from snuggling together with your beloved toy!


#7 “He was once fine in the past. Now, this little monkey is too small to snuggle but this is still my favorite.”


#8 “I’ll never let you go little guy, I promise.”


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#9 “How adorable is my Patrick toy? I could never think about life without him!”


#10 “I used to have him as my bed before. Now, he is my sleeping buddy! He’s been there for me for ages.”


#11 “I  know that I chew on him back when I was little and full of energy but I promise not to do any kind of harm to him from now on.”


#12 I’ve never came across anything as adorable than this. A dragon has not ever looked so lovely.


#13 She has this box the entire time. It’s still her favorite until now. Before and after, and always, she’s going to fit in it and have a relaxing sleep!