An anti-poaching dog is almost recovered after lion attack

anti-poaching dog
A lion attacked an anti-poaching dog! ©Pixabay

An anti-poaching dog that works in Kruger National Park is much better after a lion attack. She was almost torn apart but fortunately made it through.

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The incident was heart-breaking. Akita, the anti-poaching dog, was chasing down Rhinoceros poachers in the Letaba section of the South African park when a lion attacked her and nearly ripped her apart. Right away she went through a massive surgery that will leave her with a lot of scars but a chance to continue living!

It is not the first time that this anti-poaching dog gets in trouble

This is the second time that Akita, a female Malinois (a variety of Belgian Shepherd), gets in trouble. In March last year, the horn of a Kudu antelope bull impaled her while he was sniffing through the park. According to vets, Akita only survived this accident because her handlers had the dog airlifted from the Park to emergency surgery.

Now, 18 months after, she got in a dangerous situation again! Fortunately, this anti-poaching dog doesn’t give up and continues to fight for her life and job.

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The lion attack was almost deathly

Johan de Beer, canine unit’s mater at the Kruger National Park, said that Akita “was back up and running already which may seem quite hard to believe”. However, he believes that this eight-year-old anti-poaching dog will retire. Theresa Sowry, the chief executive officer of Southern African Wildlife College, was the responsible person for making this decision.

Akita is the sweetest thing. These dogs are just amazing and contribute to many of the anti-poaching success in the last few years. We could not do without them”, said Sowry.

Thanks to the work of this anti-poaching dog, there decrease in numbers of Rhinoceros poached in this region!

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