Abandoned Labrador rescued after living in the Parking Lot when his owners moved away

When his owners left him behind, this abandoned, yellow Labrador dog took up residence in the parking lot just over the road from his former home.

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Drivers and pedestrians passing by the landscaping business site in the Orange County area, just assumed that the yellow Labrador they saw there, day after day, was just another homeless pooch. What they didn’t know was that this poor dog was just recently abandoned. His previous owners moved house and obviously didn’t want to include their old dog in their new home plans.

Nowhere to call home

Not knowing where to go, or what to do, the old dog took up refuge right across the road from his old home. I guess he hoped his owner would come right back for him very soon. He lived here, in the dirt and sleeping rough under the bushes for several months. Passing wagon drivers would often spot him and throw him some discarded food and drink.

This Dog’s lucky day

One delivery person, who had noticed the Labrador on her rounds, realised that he had been left alone. She made an Instagram account for the Labrador and added images showing his plight. Luckily, the President of a local dog shelter saw the posts and responded with “Get the dog to us – we will take care of the rest”.

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When we first rescued Larry the lab, he was physically and emotionally shut down. His POS family had moved away and left him behind. He took up residence in a parking lot across the street where he lived for some time. Larry slept in the dirt and people would toss him scraps to eat. Finally someone did something about it and he joined our rescue @oldboy909 ! The first month we had him – we were focused on getting his Cushing’s disease under control. Bloodwork, ultrasounds, appointments with surgical specialists and internal medicine specialist… many thousands of dollars later he is feeling great. When we first rescued him, he was reactive to other dogs and would growl when they got too close. Now that he’s feeling better, he’s turned into a social butterfly. We are super happy to report that he is having the time of his life in doggy daycare. To date, Larry has been kicked out of 3 foster homes (due to separation anxiety) and had 2 adopters bail on him. He deserves better than that. Larry not do well when he’s left alone and would need a secure backyard or a heavy duty crate and lots of doggy daycare. He needs to be on a medication for life that costs about $180 a month. Other than that, he’s a kind and gentle dog who really deserves a forever home to call his own. Please consider adding him to your family. He has been through so much and wants to spend his golden years being loved and adored. loveleorescue@gmail.com

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Loving care and medical help

The old dog, who they named Larry, was collected and taken to the Shelter. A medical examination showed that he had a problem walking, had lost hair on his legs and was very bloated. He also had Cushing’s disease, a condition that affects the pituitary gland on canines. However, after medical treatment and plenty of care and affection, his health soon improved.

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Dog still looking for a forever home

Despite being rehomed three times, due to his monthly medical costs for treatment, he has been returned to the dog shelter. Larry, the yellow Labrador is quite resilient and is still looking for a kind owner to adopt him. All he wants is someone to look after him and love him into his old age. Let’s hope that this happy, affectionate pooch soon finds his forever home!

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