Abandoned Kitten Ran Up to Cyclist for Help – He Couldn’t Leave Her

Özgür Nevres, a keen cyclist in Turkey, discovered an abandoned kitten at the side of the road. Her cries alerted him to her whereabouts, but being a kind hearted, animal lover, he couldn’t leave her there. He scooped her up, placed her inside his jersey, and continued to cycle.

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Not a routine cycle ride

The usual training route Özgür Nevres took on his cycle, was from the Bosphorous University Campus to the airport, and back again, almost 100 km. On his training session on 26 August, 2018, when he arrived at the airport, he jumped off his bike and began to take some pics of the planes that were landing nearby. He heard a meow, and discovered this was due to a tiny, abandoned, tabby kitten, no more than 4 weeks old, at the side of the road. She was obviously hungry, and ran up to Özgür for help.

How best to help with the rescue

First of all, his instinct told him to get some food, but where from? There was certainly no food store around. Özgür decided that the best idea was probably to take the abandoned kitten back to the University, but how could he manage that, and ride his bike at the same time? He tenderly picked up the kitten, and placed it inside his jersey. While he wasn’t sure she wouldn’t try to jump out, he began his journey, pedalling along quite quickly.

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A happy ending for the abandoned kitten

Finally, the cyclist arrived at the campus with the abandoned kitten, where he stopped to feed her. As a result of her homeless plight, he went online, and searched for a new owner. Even more amazing, was that in only a few hours he received a telephone call from some kind person who wanted to help the kitty. As a result of his efforts, the little cat now has a happy ever after home, where she will be totally spoiled and well cared for. Above all, Özgür couldn’t have asked for a happier result.

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I live in County Durham, in the North East of England, and have been a freelance writer for several years. My hobbies include travelling, gardening and spending time with my grandchildren. I believe that animal lovers are a special group of humans, full of empathy, big-hearted, rather prone to sentimentality and generous of spirit. No matter how few possessions or how little money you have, owning a pet makes you a rich person!