Abandoned Dog Stayed In The Woods, On An Old Shirt Left By Former Owner

We couldn't believe this.. When will some people learn?

On September 12, Animal Lighthouse Rescue shared a story about a dog known as Lily.

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Lily was abandoned by her owner in the woods. The inconsiderate owner left a crate and an old shirt behind with her. Lily didn’t know what to do, so she lay down on the one thing she held dear – the shirt that still had her owners smell in it.

She silently lay there, expecting someone to come looking for her to take her back home. Her owner never came back, even though Lily waited for several weeks.

The two-year-old dog is now safe and sound. She is with a rescue group who describes her as being a super lovely dog who enjoys snuggling. Lily is extremely good with other dogs too, and adores people, but kids scare her.

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Have a look at this poor baby…