A Police dog finally faces the “What the fluff” blanket challenge.

funny moment of a dog with his owner in the police department
A police dog faces the “What the fluff” challenge. ©matthewkan. Unsplash

A police dog surprises the entire Internet community with his reaction when facing the ‘What the fluff’ blanket challenge.

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A couple of days ago, a police dog was victim of the famous ‘What the fluff’ challenge. Most of you would think that since he is a trained dog, he is not affected by this trick. However, when you see his reaction on video, you opinion will change.

What the fluff is officially a viral challenge

This latest dog challenge has pet owners all around the world giving it a try. It is actually quite simple: the owner holds a blanket in front of him, then drops it as he runs away and ‘disappears’. As of now, whenever owners carry out this trick, their pets remain clueless and confused after the magic trick. Yet, someone believe that a police dog was immune to this.

A police dog faced the ultimate challenge

It didn’t really matter how many hours of police training the dog had, when he faced the ‘What the fluff’ challenge, he failed. As it turned out, the police dog reacted with total confusion! So if you thought a trained dog was any differently, think again.

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See everything in the video

The owner recorded the police dog’s reaction to the challenge for everyone to watch. As you can see in the clip, the dog trainer carried out the trick on his dog. Spoiler alert! In the video, the dog’s reaction is at first to sit down. But then, as he stared at the empty space where his owner was a second ago, his instincts kicked in. He then proceeded to whine and run in the direction where his owner ‘fled’.

The trick confused the police dog for a minute. Nevertheless, everyone was still impressed with his quick thinking.

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