A case of extreme cat-grooming as puss loses 4.5lb dreadlocks

A grey cat grooming itself.
Grey cat grooming itself. © Eric Han. Unsplash

How you groom your cat is usually a matter of personal taste, but in the case of one Nevada foundling, a quick shave was a medical emergency.

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The ball of filthy, matted fur was abandoned outside Douglas County Animal Care & Services, overweight and squashed inside an unsuitably small container. Shelter workers opened the box to find the fat grey beast “imprisoned” by naturally-occurring dreadlocks and in significant pain.

grey cat with dreadlocks needs grooming
Grey Cat with dreadlocks. ©Douglas County Animal Care
Grey cat in need of grooming as he's got dreadlocks
Grey Cat with dreadlocks. ©Douglas County Animal Care

An overdue cat-grooming session

The unfortunate creature’s condition was so bad that he couldn’t even move by himself. All the same, and perhaps fearing payback for the cat’s previous mistreatment at human hands, the workers sedated him before shaving away his coat of dirt. The dreadlocks were found to have weighed nearly 5lbs.

grey cat has so much hair they turned into dreadlocks
Grey Cat with dreadlocks. ©Douglas County Animal Care

They renamed the shaved cat Bob Marley and put him on a diet and exercise regime. Meanwhile, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office have distributed a picture of the man who left Marley at the doorstep, and appealed to the public for information, leaving onlookers to wonder whether he was the guilty owner, or a man on a rescue mission.

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Cat-dumping like this is a common story, although a cat requiring this much grooming is rare.

He couldn’t even take a step,” Liz Begovich, the shelter’s supervisor told The Dodo. “I’m guessing that wherever he was, he had his food and water right in front of him. There was just no way for him to move.”

The ten-year-old domestic longhair has since been adopted, after Star Trek helmsman and activist George Takei shared his plight on Facebook.

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It is not known whether the cat left his barbers a tip.

grey cat after his grooming session
Grey cat freshly groomed ©Douglas County Animal Care

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