7000 dogs will be homeless following the Amendment 13 banning greyhound racing

Florida is banning greyhound racing from 2020
Greyhound racing is banned in Florida states ©pixabay

In a recent ballot paper, voters in Florida sanctioned banning greyhound dog racing by the end of 2020 throughout the whole state. Although this is an incredible public response, even more, important is the news that it will leave around 7000 dogs out of work and possibly homeless.

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Amendment 13 Ballot voting

The recent poll needed 60 percent backing but when voting closed, an unexpected 69 percent result was counted. The state of Florida is home to 11 of the country’s greyhound tracks, which will be closed before 2020. The Amendment 13 Ballot brings an end to gambling at these dog track stadiums.

Challenge to re-home up to 7000 greyhound dogs after banning greyhound racing

Greyhounds racing banned in Florida
7000 greyhound racing dogs will need to be re-homed ©pixababy

Wayne Pacelle, CEO and president of the Grey 2K Worldwide group, campaigns widely and is hugely anti-greyhound dog racing. He commented on the Grey 2K USA website about the ban, “Greyhound racing has remained a legal activity in some states partly because no single group has existed to consistently and persistently expose on a national level the abuses inherent in the industry and to fight its expansion.”

Currently, around 98 percent of retired greyhounds previously used for racing events are adopted into loving homes. The other 2 percent are used as breeding stock on farms. The additional 7000 dogs up for adoption when the racing ban comes into force will certainly increase these figures. As a result of the ballot results, animal rights groups are already being overwhelmed with calls from dog-lovers interested in rehoming one of these lovely canines.

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Bringing an end to this cruel sport

Animal welfare groups have claimed for many years that racing greyhound dogs is an unkind and heartless sport. Certainly, it has already been banned in Indiana where it’s classified as an inhumane pastime. Racing dogs are kept in confinement for most of the day and suffer many injuries through horrible training procedures. This Amendment 13 vote shows that humans really do care about dogs.

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