7 Very Protective Dog Breeds

When talking about working dogs, there are a number of breeds that are more effective for personal or property protection than others. This is mainly because these breeds have generations of training that make them wonderful protection dogs.

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Physical health is quite significant, but the temperament also matters. Most breeds have had their temperaments softened to better fit into families, but these breeds still have a protective instinct, thanks to their ancestors.

So in case you’re interested in a protective dog, take note of the breeds listed here. Just keep in mind that training is incredibly important, and making sure they’re well-looked after is your first priority.

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German Shepherd Dog


The German Shepherd Dog started with a herding breed, which developed into an effective police and military worker. German Shepherds are smart, loyal and courageous, and they make excellent companions for someone who wants a family dog who can keep their loved ones safe.

German Shepherds are used across the globe for protection work in terms of law enforcement and military branches, as well as competing in various protection sports such as IPO (formerly Schutzhund). They’re also very good around children, loving with their families, and make great active companions.

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