5 reasons why you should adopt a black cat

National Black Cat Day
Thinking of adopting a cat? Pick a black one – they’re awesome! ©Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

Did you know that November 17th is National Black Cat Day? Here are 5 reasons why you should adopt a black cat – trust us, they’re purrfect!

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Shockingly, over half of the cats awaiting their forever home at shelters are black or black and white. Many end up waiting years to find a loving new owner – or worse, never find one at all.

You might have heard the old wives tale that black cats bring you bad luck – and it seems the superstition has taken hold. Many people simply refuse to let a black cat into their home, in fear that it will bring bad luck.

All we can say is, guys – it’s 2018! All a black cat will bring to your home is love – and maybe a little mischief!

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But it’s not just superstition which is stopping black cats finding a family. Many potential cat owners aren’t interested in these dark, loving felines because they don’t photograph well. Yep, you heard right – apparently, black cats aren’t Instagrammable enough *facepalm*!

So, to celebrate National Black Cat Day, we’re sharing our top 5 reasons you should adopt a black cat. Frankly, we think all cats are awesome – no matter what their colour.

Black cats are chic!

National black cat day
Now that’s a chic cat! ©Kari Shea on Unsplash

Who cares about all the people claiming these adorable cats aren’t ‘Instagrammable’ – we all know that black never goes out of fashion! We think black cats are the ultimate chic – they’ll look great sitting on your lap. Plus, have you seen those bold, striking eyes?! Purrr!

Black cats look like mini panthers

Adopt a black cat and you can tell all your friends you’ve adopted your very own, wild blank panther – albeit a teeny version! Black cats look amazingly similar to this majestic wild animal, with some believing they’re actually distantly related. One thing is for sure – black cats are just as elegant, beautiful and piercing as the real deal.

A black cat will help you rock Halloween

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Believing that a black cat brings bad luck is pretty old-fashioned, especially considering that belief is negatively affecting the lives of these lovely, innocent creatures.

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But hey – on the bright side, you’ll always have the best Halloween costume. Just grab a black hat, a broom and your cat and you’ll look smashing! And to top it off, you can freak out your superstitious neighbour who, for some reason, thinks your black cat is the devil.

Black cats have an amazing personality

Black cats are believed to be one of the most affectionate and playful cats there are. They love to cuddle up with their owners on the sofa in the evening and seem genuinely grateful for their family. I can personally vouch for this – my first cat was black, and she was the sweetest little animal in the world. And, just look at her – she was totally Instagrammable!

National Black Cat Day
Flo was the sweetest kitty! © alice_lang Instagram

Most importantly, love doesn’t have a colour

Real cat lovers know what beautiful, amazing creatures our feline friends are – regardless of the colour of their fur. Black cats have terribly low adoption rates. By choosing a black cat, you’re giving a forever home to a kitty who may not have otherwise found one.

Considering many shelters resort to euthanizing black cats, you’ll be making a big difference to their life – by simply letting them keep their life.

So, what are you waiting for? This National Black Cat Day, give a black cat a forever home!

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