5 best cat breeds for families with small children

best family cats
Best cats for children ©️Pixabay

There’s a lot of things to consider when picking the right pet. Have we got the time? How much will it cost? And what will they be like with my kids? So let’s look at the 5 best cat breeds for families with small children.

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Cats are good for kids

Studies have shown that owning a cat can improve your child’s mental and physical health. Children who have regular contact with cats tend to develop fewer allergies and respiratory problems. Playing with a cat can also reduce stress and anxiety, as well as encouraging important soft skills like caregiving, responsibility, and empathy.

Top 5 cat breeds for families with children

1# Birman

Also known as the sacred cat of Burma, the Birman is a friendly and affectionate cat that loves being around small children. Full of personality and confidence, the Birman is more likely to greet unexpected visitors than to run away from them. The Birman has a long silky coat, striking blues eyes, and contrasting white patches on each paw.

best cat breeds
The Birman is a confident cat ©️Pixabay

2# Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a large and muscular cat with a very soft coat. One of the most sociable cat breeds, Ragdolls love being around people. Their playful natures make them a great choice for families with small children. Ragdoll cats can even be trained to retrieve toys, earning them the nickname “puppy-cats.” Pick up a Ragdoll, and you’ll realise where the name comes from. These felines have a tendency to go completely limp when you pick them up.

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best cats for kids
Ragdoll cats love young children©️Pixabay

3# Himalayan

The Himalayan is a close relative of the famous Persian cat. Like their cousins, Himalayans tend to have round bodies with short, stubby legs. They’re not the most athletic cats, but they make up for it with their sweet and playful natures. A Himalayan still needs a bit of “cat-time”, but they’re generally very social. Suitable for children of any age.

best cat breeds for famalies
Himalayan cats are naturally playful©️Pixabay

4# Maine Coon

The Maine coon is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds. A strong and athletic cat, the Maine Coon has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2010, a Maine Coon called Stewie was named “the worlds longest cat.” He measured 123cm from nose to tail. unfortunately, Stewie died in 2013. The title now belongs to Ludo, a Maine Coon from Wakefield, Yorkshire. But the Maine coon is a big softy at heart. These cats are sociable, friendly and a great pet for children.

friendly cats good with kids
The worlds longest cat is a Maine coon©️Pixabay

5# Exotic shorthair

Another relative of the Persian cat, the exotic shorthair has a broad head with a flat face (it’s a bit like the feline version of the pug!) These cats have a calm and gentle personality, but they can also be lively and playful. Their shorthaired coats are easy to maintain, and you won’t find many cat hairs around the house.

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best cats for children
Exotic shorthaired cats are easier to look after©️Pixabay



Owning a cat can be fun and rewarding, but it does come with a lot of responsibly. A healthy cat needs the right food, the best healthcare, and a loving and safe environment. You also need to educate your children, especially if they’re very young. They need to learn how to handle a cat, how to play with it safely, and when to leave them alone. All cats have an independent streak, and they all need a bit of “me” time.

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